30 Minutes With...A Certified Public Accountant:
Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness

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What Readers Are Saying

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by K. Lawlor
Well done and articulate
This book was written for the average reader, who is looking for an effective tax planning strategy. It cleary states the most important topics a small business owner needs to know when tax planning. Great Book with Great Ideas! Clear and Concise!

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Scott M Daugherty
Delivers as Promised
I was very impressed with the way this book delivered on its stated promise. I was finished in just under 30-minutes, and I felt like I learned a lot. There's no fluff here folks, just good solid advice that any small- or micro-business owner should be armed with. I'd certainly be willing to check out future entries in the series, as they're off to a nice start with this one.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by J. hessel
a half hour read.
I found the book to be an easy read as promised by the author. Much of what I read was pertinent for me as I have a small S Corporation that is not generating a lot of income at this time. It was helpful to review the rules and to sort out some of the tax strategies I might use in the future if I sell my business or dissolve it.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Cathy Turk
A lot of much needed tax info for small business owners!!
This book is a must have for all small business owners. It's easy to read and understand, yet packed with extremely valuable tax strategies, rules and ideas the average small business owner needs to be aware of. Very well written, clear, detailed and very informative.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by mjwrites
A Must Read for business
This book is a must-read for anyone looking to start a business, or who has an existing one. Sometimes business owners are great at what they do, but not necessarily at the accounting and tax issues that come along with a business. It really should be in every business owner's library!

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Steven Reichman
effective tax planning for the microbusiness
I found this book, easy to read, timely and very helpful. I have started many small businesses over the years. Like many small business people, the part of business I understand the least is accounting and tax planning. Micheal's book contains a number of strategies that are useful to business people with all levels of experience. I strongly recommend it.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Charlie
An asset to your small business
A true professional in the field will guide you through effective tax planning for your small business. Easy to understand, great strategies, a real must to add to your small business knowledge.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Michael J. Locascio
A Pleasure To Read
Mr. Hanley's book is a must read for all small business owners. It is easy to follow and understand - not a bit boring. It is a great guide for those individuals who want a quick and easy reference quide which is presented very well.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Quorum
Spend your time wisely
I think anyone looking for a cost-effective way of using 30 minutes and $22 in order to gain useful tools that can be used again and again once learned is looking in the right place here. Read it a few times if you have to, but get that invaluable knowledge to sink in. Concise and to the point, without being too technically written, I recommend it to the everyman or woman that needs the most tax advice for the least money.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by N. Bohan
Helpful Read
I have thought about starting a small business for the past year or so, but I wasn't really sure where to start. I was overwhelmed by all the varying opinions that I found on the web. I found this book refreshing as it really laid everything out plain & simple for me. Great read for any business owner or future business owner!

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by victor7
CPA Secrets for Startups & Micro-Business Owners
Michael Hanley uncovers a treasure chest of helpful information for today's micro-business owner. Each tip comes with ready-to-use resources and step-by-step instructions. Tangible, measurable benefits for every small business & micro-business owner. "30-minutes with a CPA" series is definitely worth its weight in gold.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Raymond Daugherty
Review of Mike Hanley's 30 Minute Book
After 35 years in the Aerospace and Defense Industry, the last seven as the President of Hazeltine Corporation on Long Island , I needed to make a career change. Making the decision to start my own business and understanding the basics of how to go about it were made much easier by Mike Haqnley's 30 Minute books.

Amazon.com 5 Stars – Posted by Winston Churchill “Kevin”
Effective Tax Planning fot the Micro Business
Having just recently started a new business i have been looking for accounting information as time permits and I have found Mr. Hanley's book extremely helpful and resourceful. The book is a straight forward and no nonsense presentation of important tax planning advice which unless one has extensive accounting background will help prepare the new owner for tax day. i found the book very easy and quickly to read and due to its size fits nicely in my briefcase since i have found myself re-reading sections of the book. i recommend the book to anyone planning to start a business and who can not afford to have a accountant come by yet on a monthly basis.


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As part of the “30 Minutes With…” book series, this book is meant to be read in 30 minutes. The “30 Minutes With…” series was designed to fill the needs of a fast-paced world in which time is the most valuable commodity. The goal of the series is to present existing information in a concise format, giving readers a comprehensive overview of a topic in a single 30 minute reading session.

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