30 Minutes With...A Certified Public Accountant:
Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness

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What Business Owners Are Saying

“Michael Hanley is attuned to the demands small business owners face on a daily basis. He goes beyond merely preparing balance sheets and financial statements. His practical advice shows entrepreneurs how to make the tax code work for them by taking advantage of incentive programs, hidden deductions, and proper business entity selection. Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness provides the tools and strategies small businesses need to grow and prosper.”

—Michael S. Brady, Esq., Business Attorney and Author

“ Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness is an excellent book for those in business for a long time or just starting out. Finally a tax book that you don't need a master's in accounting to read. This book is a must for the small business owner who is intimidated by taxes and bookkeeping. After you read this, be sure and give it to your accountant to read also!”

—Dr. W. Brent Reynolds, Business Owner

“I wish I had Michael Hanley's book when I started my business seven years ago. Like most small business owners, there was much I had to learn on the fly. I didn't have a simple guidebook to help me understand the importance of fundamental decisions before I made them. This book is essential for anyone starting a small venture.”

—Mitch York, Small Business Owner and Author

“ Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness is like a half hour MBA course for business owners. It takes the complexities and secrets of the tax code and provides clear, concise information that helps executives make decisions. With this book, Michael Hanley has eliminated much of the fear and uncertainty typically associated with accounting issues and has provided an easy-to-understand overview that will help educate and enlighten anyone with a half hour to spare.”

—Michael R. Thomas, Vice President, Digital Storage Solutions, Inc.

“In just twenty-five short minutes, I learned more about tax savings strategies from this book than I had learned working with accountants for over twenty years! Hanley is truly at the top of his field as he clearly illustrates within the pages of Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness . Anyone who is considering starting a business—and anyone who already owns their own business—should put aside a half hour and read this book in order to save thousands of tax dollars each year. One of Hanley's tips even shows how a simple strategy can save a business owner over $300,000!”

—Rich Kruse, President/Founder of ExecuLeaders


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As part of the “30 Minutes With…” book series, this book is meant to be read in 30 minutes. The “30 Minutes With…” series was designed to fill the needs of a fast-paced world in which time is the most valuable commodity. The goal of the series is to present existing information in a concise format, giving readers a comprehensive overview of a topic in a single 30 minute reading session.

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