30 Minutes With...A Certified Public Accountant:
Effective Tax Planning for the MicroBusiness

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Chapter 10 - Using Buy-Sell Agreements to Save Taxes

Buy-Sell Agreements have become more popular in recent years as savvy business owners have been implementing exit strategies for their business. However, if a Buy-Sell Agreement is not properly structured, there can be severe tax consequences. This chapter spells out the wording that is required when selecting the right type of Buy-Sell Agreement for your business to ensure that you walk away with the smallest possible tax bill. Any business owner who would like to explore exit strategies for their business needs to read this chapter before putting any plans in place!


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As part of the “30 Minutes With…” book series, this book is meant to be read in 30 minutes. The “30 Minutes With…” series was designed to fill the needs of a fast-paced world in which time is the most valuable commodity. The goal of the series is to present existing information in a concise format, giving readers a comprehensive overview of a topic in a single 30 minute reading session.

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