Small Business Book Series for the Busy Entrepreneur

Michael Hanley

The “30 Minutes With…” book series was designed to fill the needs of a fast-paced world in which time is the most valuable commodity. The goal of the series is to boil down existing information into its key components, giving readers a comprehensive overview of a topic in a single 30 minute reading session.

Geared toward the busiest members of society, from CEOs to small business owners & entrepreneurs to mothers, the "30 Minutes With…" series is designed to provide you with the tools to become "well-educated" about a particular topic.

The first several books in the series are geared toward MicroBusiness owners and small business owners. Topics include small business tax planning, small business taxes, starting up a new business, a QuickBooks training guide, improving credit scores through credit repair, protecting your business from an IRS audit, incorporating, setting up LLCs, and setting up corporations.

Knowing that the average American reads 200-250 words per minute, all books in the 30 Minutes With… series have been designed to be read in 30 minutes or less.

The "30 Minutes With..." books series seeks to be the "business book library" for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the American Economy and we strive to provide them with the information they need, in the time they have. We provide professional expertise on all aspects of business and life. Our books feature concise commentary on the most critical aspects of each topic covered. Advice that would cost thousands of dollars to obtain or dozens of hours to learn is now available for 30 minutes of your time and less than $20.

Save Time. Save Money. Create Success. 30 Minute Books.

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